Thursday, October 16, 2008

Welcome, Sycamore Families!

Hello, hello!

There's nothing like being a part of a community where we feel comfortable, huh? This site has been created so that Kentucky families living and growing with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders have a place to share their successes, experiences, questions, frustrations, and everything else that comes with the territory. We may be spread out in distance, but that doesn't mean we can't share a cup of tea!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Laura Nagle, and I will be the moderator of this site. I am the coordinator of Kentucky's FASD Prevention Enhancement Site, and I am passionate about supporting families and communities around FASD issues. I will post topics, information and resources about FASD -- however, this site belongs to you. YOU are the experts of your own lives. Post your comments, stories, questions and everything else..... support each other..... Let's create a community!!

First things first -- how about you introduce yourself. Just click on the Comment link right below this posting (Where it says "_ Comments" in a different color) and type away! Who are you? Tell us about your family. What do you like to do for fun? What's your favorite sinful dessert? What else?

Blessings to you,


Sherri said...

I can't tell you how helpful it has been to be able to "overhear" the discussions parents have with one another on blogs like this one. It enabled my husband and I to seek the correct treatment for our 4 year old - ten months before we received a diagnosis. I look forward to the discussions to come.

Jackie E. said...


My name is Jackie Engle and I'm a KIDSNOW Plus Prevention Specialist from the Louisville and surrounding county areas. My service area includes Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Spencer, Shelby, Henry and Trimble counties.

I am very excited to see this networking resource become available as we learn so much from one another! Sharing knowledge can be powerful and healing!

I provide educational trainings for service providers/professionals and for pregnant women in a educational 'baby shower' setting on the risks associated with alcohol and drug use (including tobacco) during pregnancy. Should this type of service be helpful to anyone, please feel free to have them contact me at 502/439-4591 or

The FASD support and education movement is growing rapidly in Kentucky. Not only is this exciting, but is so helpful. I look forward to seeing its' progress!

Dayna said...

I'm Dayna. In March, we adopted 4 children. 3 have been diagnosed with FASD, thus far along with ADHD, OCD, anxiety and ODD. Going from 0 kids to 4 was a different pace, especially, with them having the diagnoses they have. I love them very much and would like any advice on FASD, so, I can help them in any way possible.